In my astrology work I have become increasingly aware that my clients experience communication breakdowns with loved ones that seriously undermine their relationships. As I sought to help them bridge the communication gap, I combined my love of writing and counseling to develop THE LOVE COIN INVESTMENT: A Communication Breakthrough. Using their Love Coins to make a game of communication instead of a struggle, has helped many of my clients transform their communication breakdowns into communication breakthroughs.

Now I want to share this unique solution to communication problems with others who have experienced similar communication breakdowns in their intimate relationships. Communication problems crop up in every relationship. Indeed, faulty communication is responsible for most failed or broken relationships. I want to introduce you to a dramatic communication breakthrough. This  method of communicating and healing relationship wounds will enable you to solve communication problems no matter who you're experiencing them with! I assure you that THE LOVE COIN INVESTMENT will pay big dividends in intimacy for your investment of feelings. Let's face it: we're all rich in feelings...we simply need to learn how to invest them wisely.

I am delighted to offer you my E-Book: THE LOVE COIN INVESTMENT: A Communication Breakthrough which will introduce you to a remarkably simple technique for communicating effectively.

All you will need besides this E-Book to help you and your partner learn to communicate in an entirely new way is two special coins of your own choosing...which will become your "Love Coins".  I use Oriental coins like those pictured, which you can pick up at any coin shop.

You may already own special coins that have sentimental value for you. If so, then designate them as your Love Coins.  Keeping one for yourself and giving the other to the person you want to improve communications with, you'll use them in the three simple processes that I outline in The Love Coin Investment E-Book.

You can have this life-altering LOVE COIN INVESTMENT E-Book in your hands today. It is in PDF format, perfect for reading on your Kindle--or any tablet that supports PDF--and priced at  only $4.95!  Simply click on the icon below to pay with PayPal. As soon as I receive notification of your payment, I will email THE LOVE COIN INVESTMENT E-BOOK to you immediately. If you prefer to pay by personal check or money order, please email me and I will give you directions for mailing your payment.
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"A Book is only the Heart's Portrait  -- every Page a Pulse."
~ Emily Dickinson
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