"New Moon Meditations—Guidance for the Cycles of Your Life”  presents meditations designed to connect you to the meaning of each of the twelve phases of the annual Solunar Cycle. These New Moon Meditations offer a wealth of processes designed to attune you to the energy of each phase of the Solunar Cycle so that you may dance to the “music of the spheres”: 

You can have this NEW  MOON MEDITATIONS E-Book in your hands today. It is in PDF format, perfect for reading on any computer or tablet and priced at only $4.95! Please click on the icon below to pay with PayPal.  When I receive notification of your payment, I will email you the "NEW MOON MEDITATIONS"  E-Book immediately.
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"A Book is only the Heart's Portrait -- every Page a Pulse."  ~ Emily Dickinson
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